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Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Singapore - 2013

OGRE was contracted to undertake EEHA survey and rectification work on the Diamond Offshore, Ocean America semi-submersible rig in the Jurong Megayard, Singapore during 2013.

OGRE provided a team of two CompEx certified E&I technicians to carry out the inspection of 1000 points of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas followed by a second team of two CompEx certified E&I technicians who undertook the rectification processes.

OGRE's challenges on this project were numerous. The first was to ensure the highest standard of work was carried out while keeping to the demanding schedule. The second was integrating the inspection process with a previous inspection report to determine which defects were genuine and which were false. Lastly, OGRE was required to source all replacement materials and equipment then deliver them to the rig ensuring lead times were kept to a minimum.

The Ocean America left the shipyard in compliance with IEC 60079-17, on time and on budget. OGRE's report included an updated Hazardous Area Equipment Register, Hazardous Area Inspection Check Sheets and Electrical Equipment in Hazardous area location drawings.