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Manpower solutions provider, Transocean, Keppel Shipyard, Singapore - 2012

OGRE was contracted by Transocean to provide a solution to a critical, time sensitive manpower challenge aboard the Deepwater Millennium in Singapore in 2012.

The Deepwater Millennium sailed from Kenya to Singapore on 19th August and arrived in Singapore on 14th September.

As soon as the vessel was prepared sail, OGRE provided four CompEx certified technicians complete with BOSIET, medical certificates and tools in readiness for an immediate start.

Once the Deepwater Millennium arrived at the outer port limit of Singapore, OGRE provided another sixteen CompEx certified technicians to complete the project as the vessel sailed into the Keppel Shipyard.

Because of the constant schedule changes, OGRE faced many challenges. The initial work order was received only days before the start date of the project. Without exception, all technicians were required to be qualified and CompEx certified.

The time sensitivity added to the difficulties. Training and medical certificates, identification and travel documents were required prior to the Deepwater Millennium's sailing date. Then, additional documentation was required that provided the technicians with security clearance, gate pass and the necessary safety training to work in the Keppel Shipyard.

OGRE's manpower team successfully sourced all the technicians, acquired the necessary documentation and the project was executed on schedule and within budget.